Is Wireless CNC Communications Reliable?

Yes, in most cases it is more reliable than a cabled system. To begin with, let's go over the drawbacks of RS232. First, it is susceptible to interferences from things like HID lighting, florescent lighting, EDM machines, welders, overhead cranes, plasma cutters, faulty grounding, even the static electricity produced by cutting material on your machine. Others factors which may hinder cabled systems are long cable runs (you should not go over 50 feet) and poor quality cable and/or hardware. Don't get us wrong, we have installed many very reliable wired DNC systems and have learned that much depends on the cable and hardware used. When using properly installed quality equipment, your wireless CNC network can be more reliable then you old wired CNC network. This is achieved by converting your standard RS232 communications to wireless LAN and back again. How does this help you ask? One advantage is that we gain the ability of error correction. Because we are communicating so much faster than the RS232 port, should an error occur, the machine would not even know it! In addition, because we are using a very short RS232 cable (usually 3 feet), the chance of noise entering the line is greatly reduced.

Not all Wireless CNC-DNC systems are created equal it is imperative that you use quality equipment.

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