What Does DNC Mean?

A very common question. Most of us will tell you it means Direct Numerical Control or Distributed Numerical Control.

The term DNC was first used as an acronym for Direct Numerical Control. A system whereby a computer directly controls the actions of a numerically controlled machine.

DNC also means Distributed Numerical Control which refers to a DNC system with a server and several machines, each with their own computer overseeing the actions at that machine.

When we think DNC, our thoughts go to the current DNC systems available today. Today's DNC systems work as follows. Usually there is a DNC server running DNC software and some sort of RS232 controller card, Ethernet connected serial hub appliances or Wireless CNC devices. These devices show up as comm-ports on the DNC server, the DNC software uses these comm-ports to communicate to the CNC machine since most of the CNC machines use standard RS232 communications. DNC systems are also useful on machines equipped with optional LAN, these systems can be mixed. When using a DNC server you may send NC-files to and from your machines from any computer on the network, or if you prefer, you may use Remote Request at the machine control with no computer interaction needed by operators. Once you have a DNC system in place, you will have the ability to integrate bar code scanners and other devices to enhance your production. In addition, you will be able to use Machine Tool Monitoring systems.