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Welcome To MFGNetworks
A leading provider of CNC communication systems, DNC systems, machine monitoring systems and Network solutions to manufacturers since 1998.

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What We Do

MFGNetworks provides manufacturers of any size with high-level solutions to improve production efficiency. We specialize in solving real-world problems affecting the manufacturer. Our superior wired and wireless CNC communications systems, information management tools and professional support all reflect our commitment to excellence. We realize shop floor communications is mission critical, down time can make or break a manufacturing organization. A good communications system provides not only the functionality and capabilities necessary for productive, efficient manufacturing, it also provides scalability to meet the requirements of small shops, full-scale manufacturing plants and everything in between. MFGNetworks understands the vital need of a busy manufacturing environment for a single service provider. We support all aspects necessary to successfully implement your communications, from planning to service.

A Quick About Us

We started out serving manufacturers in 1998 with the simple integration and implementation of CNC communication solutions. MFGNetworks has since grown with the expanded needs of manufacturers nationwide, designing and implementing hardware and software solutions and the emerging wireless CNC communication technology. We also specialize in remote factory monitoring, data collection, personnel connectivity and resource tracking.


While we have served major manufacturers such as Coorstek, Hayes Lemmerz, Saint-Gobain, Senior Flexonics, Agilent Technologies and United Airlines, we also enjoy working with small to mid-sized shops. These smaller manufacturers often don't have entire departments to work on communications, nor can they afford sluggish production or downtime. This type of environment is especially challenging and requires serious creativity on our part to cut through the fluff and give these shops the most bang for their buck. Our services have been so valued by some shop owners that upon the sale of their business, the former owners will stipulate that our service contracts remain with him! That kind of loyalty speaks volumes about the quality of our services.

Cost Savings Analysis

The following calculations are based on a Shop Rate of $80.00 per hour and 21 machines.

If we could save 10 minutes per machine per shift...
We could save $11,200 per month if we run two shifts of 21 machines.

The formula used in this cost analyst is as follows:
RPM = Rate Per Minute (Shop Rate / 60)
Cost Savings = (RPM) x (Minutes Saved) x (# of CNC) x (# of Shifts)

At a shop rate of $80.00 per hour, Shop Rate = $1.33 per minute
Saving 10 minutes per day = $13.33 per machine per day
21 machines x $13.33 = $280.00 per Day
$280.0 per day = $1,400 per week (5 Day work week)
$1,400 per week = $5,600 per month
$5,600 per month x 2 shifts = $11,200 per month or $134,400 per year

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