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CNC DNC System Backup Solutions

Looking for peace of mind for those unforeseen events that can take down your DNC system?

For example...
The ever popular scheduled or unscheduled server maintenance by the IT department
Inadvertent DNC software configuration changes
Electrical spikes on a wired DNC system
The old blue or black screen of death
DNC system hardware failure
DNC server failure
DNC software failure
Network failure
DNC PC failure

We have a simple emergency backup solution for these moments.

The solution is the USBDNC device.

The USBDNC device works right out of the box all you have to do is set the serial settings on the device and go. If all you machines have the same settings it only needs to be done once.

The USBDNC kit includes everything needed to communicate to most serial based CNC machines.
The main unit
Power cable
Serial cable
RJ45 to DB25 M
RJ45 to DB25 F
1 Gig USB key
Complete instructions for use

How it works

Simply place the USB key into your computer and copy the needed files to the key. Remove the key from your computer and place into the USBDNC device. Go to the machine, plug the unit in and follow the on screen menu. Select USB to CNC. Select the desired file, ready the machine, select start and the transmission will begin. With this device you may drip feed machines that will support it. You may also retrieve files from the CNC machine just as easily.

To view pictures of this device click here.

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