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Why Make Your CNC Machines Wireless?

RS232 Specifications and standards drawbacks

The RS-232 standard was first introduced in 1962 and in over 40 years it has not changed much while the electronics industry has changed immensely. Because of this, we are able to blend the technologies to offer you a solid alternative. Here is a partial list of reasons to upgrade.

  • Maximum cable lengths
    The RS232 standards limit you to a maximum cable length of 50 feet. The faster the communication the shorter the cable should be. When you go wireless, your cable length is virtually unlimited because for all practical puposes...there is no cable.

  • Maximum Data Rate
    While we cannot increase the maximum speed at which the machine can communicate. We can run it at the maximum speed allowable by the control. The wireless CNC devices communicate using standard 802.11 which runs at a maximum speed of 11 Mbps and typically runs at 2-3 Mbps (million bits per second). In addition, 802.11 will error correct and retry until the data is clean. Because the transfer rate is so much faster than RS-232, should an error occur, the machine would not even know it.

  • RS-232 is not capable of finding all errors.
    We have found that in today's manufacturing environment there are often times when noise is introduced into the cable runs causing errors in the transmission. Serial communications will not error correct and resend the data. The machine simply stops communications or converts the erroneous data to something else causing the machine to do something you had not intended.

    When using wireless CNC devices, the RS-232 cable is no more than 3 feet, greatly reducing the possibility of interference. With the added ability of error correction a wireless systems is virtually rock solid.

  • Need to cable or re cable.
    When you add a machine to your production floor, reconfigure production cells, relocate machines you must re-cable.
    When you convert your machines to wireless all it takes is some minor reconfiguration of the DNC system software.

  • No more floppies, flash drives, or memory cards
  • No more computers on rolling carts
  • No more switch boxes
  • No more paper tapes
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Reliable error free
  • Added mobility
  • Wireless CNC devices work with most DNC software and DNC systems.
  • It's more than just a cable replacement for your DNC system. It gives you the base needed to move into Machine Tool Monitoring, job tracking, part tracking, tool management and personnel status.
Please view our FAQ page for more information.

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Why Wireless CNC spacer image

Why Wireless CNC spacer image
Why Wireless CNC spacer image