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Welcome To The 21st Century

In The Beginning

First off, we would like to say thanks to some very diligent people who pioneered wireless CNC communications technologies back in 2001. Hats off to Tim Carson with DNCWorks, John Carpenter with CNC Computer Integration (WireFreeCNC) and others behind the scenes. Thanks to people like these we are able to communicate error free with our CNC equipment via new wireless CNC technologies.

Some Of The Benefits of a Wireless CNC Network

Installation cost savings - No cabling
Error correction capability - This is not available with standard RS232 connections.
Faster error free communications
Seamless cell reconfiguration and immediate high-speed connectivity, within or between buildings
Can be integrated with existing access points
Wireless infrastructure allows laptops, PDA's, barcode scanners and other wireless devices to be integrated
It's more than just a cable replacement for your DNC system, it gives you the base needed to move into Machine Tool Monitoring, job tracking, part tracking, tool management and personnel status.

View our FAQ pages for more information on wireless CNC features such as reliability and security.

Can We Convert Your Machines?

In most cases we can convert your machines to wireless. Most of the machines we see today have ether RS232 or LAN communication abilities we can simply utilize. For the older machines that use paper tapes with a tape-reader we can install a BTR (behind the tape reader).

View our FAQ pages for more info.

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